Faris Abu
Among the most surprising things for Fares Abu Batin was the news of the COVID-19 pandemic which he couldn’t fathom. Image Credit: SOURCE Twitter/@bandar__W

Dubai: In what can be likened to a real-life time-travel tale, Fares Abu Batin, a Saudi man who was in a coma for four years, woke up to a world transformed beyond his imagination.

The astonishing episode was brought to light during an interview with Al Arabiya TV, where Fares recounted the staggering changes he experienced upon regaining consciousness.

Fares’ story began in September 2019 when he and his two brothers were involved in a tragic car accident involving a collision with a camel.

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Sadly, his two brothers did not survive, while Fares, who was critically injured with a meager 9 per cent chance of survival according to doctors, slipped into a coma. He remained hospitalised, unconscious until March 20, 2023.

One of the first things Fares did after coming into consciousness was to ask for the Quran, which he read from cover to cover. But as he reacquainted himself with the world around him, he was astonished at the sweeping changes that had taken place during his unconsciousness. “I noticed many changes in society, and I found urban development in the country quite significant,” Fares remarked.

Among the most surprising things was the news of the COVID-19 pandemic, which he had never heard of and couldn’t fathom. “I was surprised when I woke up after many events, including the emergence of the pandemic. People told me about COVID-19 or something called the corona pandemic, and I didn’t understand it and saw videos on YouTube,” Fares recounted.

Additionally, Fares was pleasantly surprised to learn that his wife had found employment and had been raising their children single-handedly during his absence.

He was also thrilled by the progress in Saudi Arabia, as people shared stories of pioneers and astronauts from the Kingdom.