Unusual pair: Cat and duck bond goes viral in Saudi Arabia
Image Credit: X@Todoroki__5

Cairo: An unlikely friendship between a cat and a duck basking by a Saudi Arabian lake has captured the public's imagination, sparking an online sensation.

This unlikely pair, dubbed "the couple of Al Khubar" in eastern part of the kingdom, has turned heads and gone viral with their playful antics. Spotted frolicking together by the lake, the cat and duck have become internet sensations.

As the news of their friendship made rounds, impressed admirers flocked to the lake to catch a glimpse on the couple, Saudi media reported.

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Their fame has transcended Khubar Corniche, attracting admirers from afar. A resident of Jeddah, the port city in western Saudi Arabia, even made a special trip to witness their unlikely friendship firsthand.

Another visitor, drawn by online clips of the cat-duck affinity, travelled from Mecca to see them in person. He described their connection as a "miracle" to Rotana Khalijia TV, while other fans have dubbed it a romantic tale.

Seeking to explain the cat-duck duo's enigmatic bond, Saudi news website Al Marsd revealed that the duck, Koki, had an unconventional upbringing. Raised as a duckling among cats in a town 1,500 kilometers away, Koki later joined its owner's brother in Al Khubar. He initially proposed integrating Koki with the city's lake ducks, but the duck surprisingly chose friendship with cats instead, opting to forge its own unique path.

According to the website, Koki's peculiar attachment to a specific cat might stem from its resemblance to a feline companion it had during its early days as a duckling.