The picture posted by a blogger of Trump's books in Saudi Arabia Image Credit: Blog

Manama: Jarir Bookstore, one of the largest book sellers in Saudi Arabia, has taken off its shelves books written by US presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Jarir said that its decision was in response to a request by a blogger.

“We agree with you on your keenness. The books have been removed from the bookshop. We thank you for your remark,” Jarir posted on its Twitter account.

The blogger, KSA12300, three days ago posted a picture of the books “Think Like A Champion” on a Jarir shelf with the remark “Jarir Bookstore is selling Donald Trumps’ books despite our warnings not to sell such books.” 

Other bloggers have reportedly called for the removal of the books, translated into Arabic, explaining his statements were highly antagonistic. 

Social media users heaped praise on the bookstore for the decision, saying that it was the right move.

Abu Tariq, a blogger, insisted that Trump’s books should not be allowed into the kingdom, “until this arrogant man understands his true value.”

“The US needs a true leader to take the Americans to further progress and prosperity,” he posted.