Bracelets are given to children to facilitate recognising them. Image Credit: Saudi news agency SPA

Cairo: A Saudi group has offered to provide tracking bracelets for children accompanying worshippers and pilgrims at Islam’s two holiest sites in Saudi Arabia to reduce chances for them going missing.

The bracelets, offered free of charge, carry the child’s name, the family’s contact numbers and are worn on the hand in the Grand Mosque in Mecca and the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina, the Saudi news agency SPA reported.

The information registered on the bracelet facilitates recognising the child in case of going missing and handing him/her to the family in the shortest possible time.

The initiative is launched by Hadiyah, a Saudi non-governmental charity association, manned by kindergarten specialists running an affiliated centre taking care of missing children in cooperation with Hajj security forces.

The bracelets are provided for the children at the group’s offices located in the vicinity of both mosques.

The initiative was unveiled in the run-up to Ramadan, due to begin later next week. Ramadan usually marks the peak season of Umrah or lesser pilgrimage in the Grand Mosque.

Image Credit: SPA

Millions of Muslims from around the globe flock to the holy places in Saudi Arabia, mainly in Ramadan, for worshipping and undertaking Umrah.

Saudi Arabia has in recent months unveiled a slew of facilities for Muslims wishing to come to the country to undertake Umrah.

Muslims holding different types of entry visas such as the personal, visit and tourism visas are allowed to undertake Umrah and visit Al Rawda Al Sharifa, where the tomb of the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) is located in the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina.

Saudi authorities have also extended the Umrah visa from 30 days to 90 and allowed holders to enter the kingdom via all land, air and sea outlets and leave from any airport.

Saudi citizens can apply for visas inviting their friends abroad to visit the kingdom and undertake Umrah.

Saudi Arabia has also issued a stopover transit visa, allowing the holder to perform Umrah, visit the Prophet’s Mosque and attend different events across the kingdom.