The camel blamed for the crash crouches after the accident. Image Credit: Supplied

Riyadh: A stray camel collided with a family car in western Saudi Arabia, killing a woman and injuring four others, local media reported on Thursday.

The collision occurred on the Nakhal Road in the direction of the city of Taif late Wednesday, the news portal Sabq quoted spokesman for the Red Crescent in the area, Emad Mansi.

"The operations room received a report about casualties in the incident. Three ambulatory teams from the Red Crescent as well as a health [ministry] team were sent to the scene," he added.

The family's car has been damaged as a result of the collision with the camel. Image Credit: Supplied

One of the victims was seriously injured while the rest sustained medium injuries, the official said without details.

In recent years, Saudi authorities have stepped up protection measures after a series of road mishaps blamed on stray camels. The accidents often occur when the unattended-to camels cross highways.

Last year, the Saudi government vowed heavy fines against owners of camels, who leave their animals in the vicinity of car roads mainly at night. Saudi authorities have also set up fences along the roads where stray animals pasture in an attempt to stop them from crossing the routes.