Snow in Saudi Arabia. Image Credit: Gulf News archives

Manama: Saudis will be bracing for the first cold wave from Siberia this weekend, a Saudi weather analyst and meteorologist said.

“The cold wave will continue until the middle of next week, with temperatures down to zero degrees Celsius in the northern parts of Saudi Arabia,” Ziad Al Juhani said.

“We are likely to see frost in the northern border and in the northern cities of Al Jawf, Hail and Tabuk. Temperatures in the capital Riyadh will go down to less than 10 degrees Celsius in the non-urban areas.”

The cold wave will impact the western areas of the kingdom where temperatures in Makkah will be around 17 degrees Celsius, he added.

“In the elevated areas around Makkah, we should expect temperatures below 12 degrees Celsius.”

In Madinah, around 420 kilometres north of Makkah, the temperatures will be around 10 degrees Celsius.

Saudi Arabia’s northern regions and cities have been regularly affected by cold spells at this time of the year.

According to local meteorologists, winter in Saudi Arabia often depends on cold waves moving from Siberia toward the Arabian Peninsula.

The cold spell lasts for about three months with occasional snowfalls.

Pictures and clips of mountains and roads blanketed by snow have become a hot subject on social media.