Manama: Saudis have poured scorn on a groom who thought his bride was not a virgin and reported her to their families, resulting in a tense situation and deep embarrassment.

A local news site reported that the groom was having intercourse with his bride, but as there was no blood, he concluded that she was not a virgin.

Shocked by the conclusion, he started arguing with his bride and soon the two families were told about the situation.

Amid accusations the groom had been cheated into marrying a woman he had thought she was a virgin and insistence by her family that she has never had intimate relations, the two families had a verbal quarrel before deciding to take the matter to a gynecologist at a local hospital, Al Marsad reported.

Both the mothers of the bride and the groom were relieved when they were told that the hymen was intact and that the whole issue was related to its condition.

The groom’s mother reportedly insisted on a surgical incision to put an end to the “unexpected situation.”

However, for Saudi social media users, the dramatic events that unfolded following the marriage ceremony were an indication of the senseless and irresponsible attitude by the groom.

“It is obvious that the groom is either an immature adolescent or a fool,” Muslim, a blogger, posted. “How dare he bring up such a matter with her family? If he had doubts about her virginity, he should take her to hospital and assess the situation, without allowing or encouraging anybody else to interfere. How could he put his bride in such an embarrassing and shaming situation? What wrong did she do? Small minds are truly terrible.”

According to Pen of the Truth, the groom is a pampered young man with no sense of responsibility.

“He is obviously a spoiled young man who calls his mother to weep that he is facing a situation,” the blogger posted. “A man who respects himself addresses problems or issues with confidence and resolve twinned with maturity and a sense of responsibility without hurting or embarrassing others. Such a man would listen carefully to the others and decide on the next steps without involving others, including his own family. This is the main difference between a real man and a pampered boy who rushes to his mother to help him tackle a situation.”

Another blogger, writing under the moniker of Baklawa, said that the bride should file for divorce.

“If I were the bride, I would straight away ask for divorce,” she posted. “I will leave this marriage with my head up. I will never accept to allow a doctor to check me just to satisfy the groom’s family that my hymen is intact. This is a ridiculous humiliation that should not happen. And if it did happen, I would ask for a certificate that I would poke into his eye and the eye of his family,” she said.

Salwa said that she wondered how the groom’s family would behave if their own daughter was asked to go through a virginity test.

“I am sure any family would feel humiliated if they were asked to have their daughter under medical scrutiny to check if she was a virgin,” she said. “A young woman is living peacefully with her family and then a complete stranger comes to ask to marry her. He subsequently believes that she cheated him and insists on a test of her virginity a short time after the marriage. This is total senseless. I advise the bride’s family to take their daughter home with them and forget about small minds,” she said.

Women’s virginity holds a critical significance in numerous countries. In some African and Asian cultures, new husbands are expected, shortly after the wedding, to produce bloody sheets or towels to prove their brides were virgins and that they had successfully consummated the marriage by perforating the hymen.