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Photo for illustrative purpose. Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: A Saudi woman was sentenced to two days in prison for shooting a video of a couple without their permission while they were at a restaurant in Jeddah, local media reported.

The ruling was issued by the Jeddah Criminal Court after a man filed the case, accusing the woman of invading his privacy by filming him and his wife while they were in a restaurant on the Jeddah Corniche.

He also accused the woman of mocking and uttering offensive words against him and his wife. The court while sentencing her also ordered the woman to undertake a pledge not to repeat such an act.

The unnamed woman appeared in the court and admitted that she had taken the video of the complainant and his wife but she denied uttering offensive words against them. She also justified the filming as a proof of the couple’s offensive words against her. The accused also clarified that she had filmed the couple following a dispute between them before they entered the restaurant.

The court listened to the two parties and confirmed in its ruling that woman’s act is considered an invasion of the privacy of others, thus infringing the personal rights of the couple.