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Jeddah: A court has sentenced a Saudi woman to three days in prison after she was convicted of sending abusive messages to her ex-husband, Saudi newspaper Okaz reported Wednesday.

The decision by the court in the western Saudi city of Jeddah came in response to a lawsuit filed by a man against his ex-wife whom he divorced five years ago. The ex-husband accused her of sending him abusive messages via WhatsApp, using slurs and racist words against him.

Initially the court referred the two ex-husbands to a legal reconciliation committee in an effort to patch things up between them. But the bid crumbled.

The court said in its verdict that the woman had called her ex-spouse a “devil” and “stupid” in her messages.

The woman admitted to having sent the messages, saying they were in response to alleged insults from him and his misconduct towards her family.

The court also ordered the woman to pledge to stop acting like this.