Arrest, generic
Photo for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Pixabay

Cairo: Saudi police said they had arrested a citizen suspected of setting a compatriot’s car on fire due to a dispute between them.

The suspect was arrested and referred to prosecution in the central Saudi region of Al Qasim, a spokesman for local police said.

No details were immediately available about the nature of the row between the two.

Last month, Saudi police arrested a citizen in his 40s suspected of torching a car while its owner was inside a mosque performing the congregation Friday prayers in the south region of Jazan.

On leaving the mosque following the prayers, the car owner was stunned to find his car alight. After the fire was extinguished, surveillance cameras of stores in the vicinity were examined and showed a person dousing inflammable substance on the car and setting it ablaze. The motive for the arson was not clear.

Vandalising properties owned by others is deemed a criminal offence punishable by jailing in Saudi Arabia.