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Image Credit: Pixabay

Abu Dhabi: A Saudi man has given his wife a Mercedes-Benz car after she suffered post-traumatic stress disorder caused by a botched surgery, which left her with a disability.

“My wife — who is my aunt’s daughter — was subjected to a medical error, which occurred in a hospital in the Asir region. She was left with a disability. As a result of the hospital’s negligence, my wife suffered PTSD and required psychotherapy sessions,” Hassan Bin Mohammed Asiri told a local TV show.

Asiri added his gift was “a thank you message to express my gratitude to her and to help her overcome her injury and stress.”

“I am delighted to offer my wife this Eid gift after all that she has been through and wish her the very best for the future,” he said.

Asiri concluded: “No man will ever appreciate his wife enough for her care and love.”