Indian mans marriage with Pakistan woman deferred
75,000 electronic marriage registrations have been conducted in Saudi Arabia during an experimental stage. Image Credit: Pexels

Cairo: Saudi Justice Minister Walid bin Mohammed Al Samaani has directed introducing an electronic marriage registration across the kingdom after around 75,000 contracts were conducted electronically in an experimental stage in Riyadh, local media reported today.

The service via the platform saves time and efforts by curtailing related bureaucratic procedures as the Justice Ministry is planning to gradually go paperless.


The service aims at electronic documentation of data of the couple and electronic conducting of a marriage performed from home in a smooth and safe manner, the ministry said.

The e-platform designated for the service spares the beneficiaries the need to go to the law court to register the marriage contract, the medical centres to learn about results of pre-marriage tests and the Interior Ministry’s Agency of Civil Affairs for officially documenting the event.

The Justice Ministry has been linked to the Health Ministry, the Agency of Civil Affairs, the National Information Centre and the eGovernment Programme (Yesser) to provide a high-quality service.