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Image Credit: Bloomberg

Dubai: Saudi Arabia has launched the second edition of Tawteen (Localisation) programme to create at least 170,000 job opportunities for Saudi nationals, local media reported.

According to Eng. Ahmed Al Rajhi, Minister of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD), the jobs targeted to be localised are in different sectors, including 25,000 in the industrial sector; 20,000 in the health sector; 20,000 in transport and logistics services; 20,000 in real estate and construction; 30,000 in tourism, and 40,000 jobs distributed in other sectors.

Al Rajhi said that the first edition of the programme achieved its goals while Tawteen 2 targets to create 170,000 jobs for young Saudi men and women.

He added that the success of the programme will depend on the support of supervisory authorities, that will determine the need for employment in different fields to achieve the target of bringing the unemployment levels to less than 7 per cent, which means the actual level of unemployment would be less than 3.5 per cent.

The supervisory authorities in the 2nd edition of Tawteen will include six ministries: The Ministry of Tourism; the Ministry of Commerce; the Ministry of Transport and Logistic Services; the Ministry of Health; the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing; and the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources.

According to a recent report launched by the National Labour Observatory, Saudi Arabia ranked first in terms of annual labour force growth rate, outstripping other G20 nations between 2012-2021.