Saudi road
Saudi road Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: The Royal Commission for Riyadh plans to launch an electronic system for statistical and geographical analysis of road accidents.

The system aims to analyze data from across the capital, inform government agencies and the public on trends and possible causes of road accidents and what could be done to reduce them.

A recent study by the commission reveled 5,196 traffic accidents occurred in Riyadh, of which 906 caused 302 deaths, and 4,290 resulted in 1,430 injuries.

With the continued increase in population and urban growth, it is expected that the number of daily vehicle trips on the Riyadh roads by 2030 will increase to more than 12 million trips per day, and consequently, the average speed of vehicles on the main roads of the city will decrease by 50 per cent, compared to the present time.

According to studies of the Riyadh Development Authority, the city’s population has reached 6.5 million, and its developed urban area has exceeded 1,400 square kilometers. This growth leads to an increase in the number of vehicles in the city, which has reached about two million vehicles, and the number of traffic trips on the road network has reached about nine million trips per day.

Road accidents across Saudi Arabia caused 4,618 deaths and 25,561 injuries last year, compared to 5,754 deaths and 32,910 injuries in 2019, according to statistics released by the Health Ministry.