Riyadh Saudi Arabia
An aerial view shows the highway on the first day of Eid Al Fitr in the Saudi capital Riyadh, on May 24, 2020. Image Credit: AFP

Abu Dhabi: The Saudi Ministry of Commerce has named and shamed the Bahraini owner of a mobile phone store for selling fake cables, chargers and headsets.

A court ruling convicted him of violating anti-commercial fraud regulations, data and trademarks laws.

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The facility, located in the Al Morsalat neighbourhood in Riyadh, possessed and displayed fake cables, chargers and headsets, failed to conform to specifications and carry any commercial data, Saudi media reported.

The ministry published a summary of the ruling issued by the Criminal Court in Riyadh, including a fine for violators, confiscation and destruction of the seized products. The judgment was published in two newspapers at the expense of the violators.

It affirmed a crackdown on violators of commercial regulations will continue and legal action will be taken.

Saudi anti-commercial fraud laws stipulate imposing penalties of up to three years in prison, fines of up to one million riyals or both, defamation of violators in local newspapers at their expense, deportation of violating workers, and suspension and prevention of practicing commercial activity.