Image circulating on social media of the rain in Ha'il region in Saudi Arabia Image Credit: social media

Abu Dhabi: Saudi Arabia’s Cabinet has approved a fine for crossing flowing valleys as floods hit areas near big cities in the Kingdom, local media reported.

Chaired by King Salman bin Abdulaziz, the Saudi Cabinet agreed to add “risking to cross flowing valleys” as a traffic offence, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.

According to article seven of the schedule of violations, the fine ranges between SR5,000 and SR10,000.

Heavy rain has led to floods in Saudi Arabia’s Ha’il region, including its main city and surrounding suburbs.

Saudi Arabia’s National Centre of Meteorology has forecast continued thunderstorms and strong winds in the regions of Mecca, Al Baha, and Asir, extending to parts of the regions of Ha’il and Al Jawf.

Wadi Al Bardani is one of Saudi Arabia’s most beautiful valleys given its green landscape and flowing water.

The valley, which is located in south Bareq and north of Muhayil Asir, is distinguished for its river, which flows all year round from the town of Al Mashbah and other areas in Asir, into Wadi Baqrah.

The two towns Bin Otyafa and Al Asrat are located around the valley.

In addition to the river, the valley is also famous for greenery and mountains. It is surrounded by agricultural lands, and shepherds often take their herd there to rest as there is plenty of green land and water.

The word ‘Bardani’ means ‘a land that has shade’ in Arabic.

The valley is unique and attracts people who like the scenery.