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Cairo: Saudi Arabia has said that a planned digital transfer of domestic help wages will start applying to newly hired workers arriving in the kingdom as of July 1.

A government platform in charge of domestic labour affairs in the kingdom has said it is imperative to comply with the transfer of the wages via a related icon inside an accredited digital wallet.

The Musaned platform pointed out that the digital transfer of the house workers via the cited icon guarantees the beneficiary’s right and document the salary disbursing operation.

The service also allows the transfer of an advance salary or offering a loan to the domestic workers.

The Saudi Ministry of Human Resources has said the Wage Protection Service aims to ensure transparency in wage payment through the use of digital portfolios and accredited banks via the Musaned platform.

The new service will also gradually move to current contracts, depending on the number of each employer’s workers.

The system shall have been applied to all domestic workers in the kingdom by January 1, 2026.

As part of its endeavours to regulate the labour market in the kingdom, the Ministry of Human Resources has set up Musaned to help clients learn about their rights and duties, and associated services including visa issuance, recruitment requests and contractual relation between the employer and the worker.

The ministry has made the contracting process obligatory via Musaned, being the official recruitment channel in the kingdom.

The ministry has also displayed keenness on protecting rights of all parties concerned with the recruitment process by introducing services via Musaned including registering contracts.

The ministry had earlier announced the availability of the worker’s transfer service from one employer to another via Musaned after the employee’s consent.

Domestic workers in Saudi Arabia include housekeepers, drivers, housemaids, cleaners, cooks, guards, farmers, live-in nurses, tutors and nannies.