210722 Hajj
Pilgrims pray after participating in the symbolic stoning of the devil ritual during the Hajj pilgrimage in Mina in a file photo. Image Credit: AP

Dubai: The Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has announced a reduction in the prices of Hajj packages for domestic pilgrims, Saudi media reported.

Earlier this month, the Kingdom announced three packages for domestic pilgrims and the reduced costs cover all the packages.

According to the ministry’s decision on Thursday, the first package (Hospitality Ordinary Camps) will now cost SR9,098, as against the earlier price of SR10,238.

The new price for package two (Hospitality Upgraded Camps) will now be SR11,970 instead of SR13,043, while the reduced price for the third package (Hospitality Mina Towers) was set at SR13,943 as against SR14,737 earlier.

The ministry said earlier that the prices do not include transportation fees from their resident city to Makkah. The value-added tax (VAT) is not included as well.

Last week, the ministry also revealed the requirements and procedure of registration for Hajj 2022 via the electronic portal for domestic pilgrims.

Accordingly, the ministry opened on June 3 the registration for domestic pilgrims who are not older than 65 years and have a valid residency permit.

The ministry said that priority would be given to those who have not previously performed Hajj and are fully immunized as per their status in the “Tawakkalna” application.