Manama: A Saudi businessman has pledged to help a Pakistani national out of prison in appreciation of Pakistan’s decision to give military support to a coalition of Arab countries fighting to restore legitimacy in Yemen.

Hosam Al Saleh said that he would pay the SR 225,000 blood money required from Mohammad Qadir Lateef who had been held largely responsible for a dramatic accident on Al Qaseem – Hael highway in which one man was killed.

“I understand that the Pakistani expatriate is going through a very difficult situation,” the businessman was quoted as saying by local news site Sabq. “Therefore, I will pay the due money for the love of God, and also in appreciation of the stances of the Pakistani people and government and their participation in the military operation to defend the people of Yemen,” he said.

The businessman said that he would issue the cheque that would set Mohammad Qadir free.

A Pakistani community group in the northern Saudi city of Hael had appealed for help to assist the detainee, saying that it was impossible for him to pay the blood money amount, which puts him at risk of spending a long time in jail.

A spokesperson for the group said that the detainee had been trying for the last two years to collect the money and that he had stopped sending cash to his family in Pakistan.

The accident occurred in December 2012 and the traffic police concluded that Mohammad Qadir was 75 per cent responsible for it.

A court in Hael set the total blood money to be paid to the victim’s heirs at SR300,000, obliging the Pakistani national to pay SR225,000 in accordance with the degree of his responsibility.

The Saudi businessman reportedly read about the appeal by the Pakistani community and decided to pay the financial compensation and help Mohammad Qadir regain his freedom.

Online users applauded the decision, saying that the businessman displayed “noble sentiments” towards the detainee and his country.

Saad, in his comments, said that Saudi business people should be forthcoming in assisting the needy.

“They have wealth and they should always be generous towards all the foreigners who need financial assistance,” he posted.