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Legal action is being taken against the suspects and they will be referred to public prosecution. Picture for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Cairo: Public prosecution in Saudi Arabia has said that it opened an inquiry with 25 persons suspected of causing chaos at a public park in Hafr Al Batin governorate in the Eastern Province.

Investigations followed a security report that a group of people had harassed pedestrians, hampering traffic and attacking official vehicles at the park in Hafr Al Batin, Saudi media quoted a public prosecution source as saying.

Twenty-five persons, including 19 Saudis and six foreign residents, were questioned in connection to the incident, the source added.

Investigations revealed that the suspects had “deliberately” stirred chaos and throwing stones at security vehicles while they were doing their job in handling the incident.

“They are kept in custody pending their referral to the competent court,” the source said. It was not clear when the incident happened.

However, the source urged people to celebrate the Saudi National Day, which is annually marked on September 23, and avoid misconduct, vowing that public prosecution will apply law firmly against transgressors.