Stock Doha Qatar skyline
Residential and commercial skyscrapers on the city shoreline in Doha, Qatar. Image Credit: Bloomberg

Dubai: Qatar has launched a new initiative to support people with special needs.

According to a statement issued by the Civil Service and Government Development Bureau (CSGDB), the daily working hours for people with special needs have been cut by an hour.

People with special needs will be allowed to come half an hour after the start of the official working hours and leave half an hour before the end, the bureau tweeted.

The rule is in line with Article 73, Executive Regulations of the Civil Human Resources Law No. 15 of 2016, the CSGDB added.

The number of individuals with disabilities in Qatar makes up less than 0.50 per cent of the total population.

Qatari laws require that 2 per cent of all jobs in government agencies and public institutions be set aside for disabled persons. Private businesses employing a minimum of 25 staff are also required to hire people with disabilities.