191101 sultan haitham bin tariq
Sultan Haitham Bin Tariq Al Said of Oman. Image Credit: File

Dubai: A Royal decree has been issued in Oman restoring Omani citizenship to more than 48 ex-Omani citizens, local media reported.

According to the Oman news agency (ONA), Sultan Haitham Bin Tariq Al Said issued a Royal Decree No. 13/2022 restoring Omani citizenship to 48 people.

This is the first time he has issued such a decree since coming to power in 2020.

The Omani Nationality Law states that an Omani who has renounced his nationality and acquired citizenship of another country can reclaim Omani citizenship.

The decree stipulated that those who want to reclaim citizenship must be residing in Oman, or acknowledge in writing their desire to settle there.

The law also stipulates “that those who want to reclaim the citizenship must be of good conduct and behaviour, and that they must not have been previously convicted of a felony or a crime against honour, and be free from contagious diseases".

An Omani citizen loses his nationality by virtue of the law in one case: if he/she acquires another nationality in violation of the provisions of the law.

The decree states that it is not permissible for an Omani to relinquish his nationality to acquire another nationality, except after ensuring that he fulfills his duties and commitment towards the Sultanate.

When is citizenship revoked?

The Omani national shall be deprived of citizenship if he joins a group or party or organisation supporting principles or beliefs that harm the interests of Oman; if he works for a foreign country at any capacity whatsoever, whether inside or outside Oman and fails to leave the position at the request of the Omani Government within the specified deadline or if he works for an enemy country that operates against the interests of Oman. A person shall be entitled to reacquire the Omani citizenship if the reasons of denaturalisation cease to exist.

False documentation

According to Omani law, a person who provides to the authorities false information or falsified documents in order to acquire or to renounce Omani citizenship for himself or for others shall be sentenced to prison for a minimum period of one year and a maximum period of three years, in addition to a minimum fine of OMR5,000 and maximum fine of OMR10,000, or either one of these two penalties.