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Containers of medical supplies arriving from China are being unloaded from a Royal Air Force of Oman plane. Image Credit: Oman News Agency

Cairo: Oman announced 12 new cases of coronavirus today, taking the total number of cases registered in the Sultanate to 179.

The Health Ministry also confirmed that 29 people have recovered.

Meanwhile, Oman has taken delivery of medical equipment and substances from China to boost the Sultanate’s efforts to fight the spread of the new coronavirus. A total of 167 coronavirus infection cases have been reported in Oman.

The medical supplies were flown from China aboard a Royal Air Force of Oman plane, Oman’s news agency said.

The shipment was part of the Omani army’s support for the state sectors and the government’s anti-virus campaign, added the agency without giving details.

Omani authorities have put in place a raft of precautions aimed at limiting the incidence of the highly infectious virus in the country. They include suspending flights, stopping the issuance of tourist visas and all sporting events as well as banning the entry of tourist vessels to the Sultanate’s ports.

Oman has also banned public gatherings and halted all publications as part of the health precautions.