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Amnesty seekers must complete procedures and exit before December 31 this year. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Muscat: Majority of the applicants departing Oman as per the amnesty scheme of fine exemption on account of residency status or visa renewals, are from the construction sector as per information shared by Oman’s Ministry of Labour.

The other two sectors that constitute majority of the applicants opting to leave Oman for good are industrial and automotive sectors.

These three sectors which leaves room for employment due to the exodus are not considered attractive to lure Omani youth because of the low salaries and conditions of employment.

Oman News Agency in its report quoted Salem bin Saeed Al Badi, Director General (DG) of Labour Welfare at the Ministry of Labour, that there has been an unprecedented response to the amnesty scheme by both the employers and non-Omani workforce to leave Oman for good and be exempted from all fines and fees arising from renewal or lack thereof of residents permits.

Seamless exit

The decision to offer amnesty comes per the directive of the Supreme Committee in the wake of the pandemic situation, to allow the citizens of other countries a seamless exit. This measure is expected to provide a balance of stability in the labour market in Oman.

The DG of Labour Welfare at the Ministry of Labour also reiterated that the grace period is temporary and emphasized that those who wish to take advantage of the facilities provided must complete it within the stipulated period of December 31 this year.

The exemption will not be effective beyond the date and violators will have to bear the financial burdens and fines that fall beyond this date as legally decided.