Expats in Oman Image Credit: Supplied

Muscat: Oman’s Ministry of Labour in a press conference held on Wednesday (January 27) said that there will be plans to increase the fees for issuing and renewing licenses for bringing or retaining non-Omani manpower.

As per indicated figures, published in a leading Arabic news portal, the fee could range from 140 Omani Rial to 1001 or more depending on the position in question.

For senior posts and higher occupations, the fee would be RO 2001, with intermediate positions, middle management and related designation the cost will be RO 1001. Technical and specialized occupations would cost an employer OR 601. The licensing fee for traditional marine fishermen would cost OR 361 for a new one or renewal, and for those professions that do not fall in any of the above-mentioned categories would require the employer to set aside OR 301.

For domestic workers and similar category, one would need to set aside RO 141 if the license is sought for up to three workers. If the number of licences is sought for four or more workers, the same would be RO 241. The licence fee for farmers and camel breeders would be RO 201, if the licence is sought for three or less and the fee for four or more would cost RO 301. Fee transferring a worker’s services from one employer to the other would be RO 5.