A view of Muscat, Oman. Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: Muslims found publicly breaking the fast during the day in Ramadan will be jailed and/or fined, Omani media reported.

According to Article (312) of the Penal Code, “A Muslim who publicly breaks the fast during the day in Ramadan shall be punished by imprisonment and a fine of OMR1 to OMR5, or one of these two penalties for [breaking fast] without a legitimate reason."

For punsihment, the crime of publicly breaking the fast during Ramadan must meet several conditions, including:

1- The person who breaks the fast is a Muslim, practicing some Islamic rites, and is registered in private and governmental records as Muslim. As for non-Muslims and other religions, there is no punishment, because Islam is the first condition.

2- Behaving in a manner that violates the fast such as eating, drinking, smoking, or any other act that breaks the fast.

3- The absence of a legitimate reason to break the fast during the day in Ramadan. legitimate reasons include being sick, travelling, menstruating woman, or any other legitimate excuse.