Dubai: The family of Mohammad Al Araimi, the Omani student stabbed to death outside Harrod’s in London last Friday have released a statement to counter unsubstantiated news reports.

“The motives for this horrific attack are unknown and the varying reports printed in some of the press have caused even more distress,” the statement read. “Until the circumstances and details of this heinous crime are fully substantiated, we respectfully ask for the space and silence to grieve as a family. We have full confidence in the Metropolitan Police and their ability to bring this investigation to a speedy and just conclusion.”

Initial reports suggested that the 20-year-old was stabbed by two attackers who were trying to steal his watch.

“Last Friday will be etched in the minds of our close-knit family forever,” added the statement. “While going about our daily lives in Muscat we had little idea of the tragic and unexpected events unfolding in London that have irreversibly changed the course of our family’s lives. Our hearts are eternally broken.

“Mohammad Al Araimi, a politics and economics student at King’s College was strolling, as he often did, in Knightsbridge when armed men senselessly stabbed and killed him.”

“Mohamed has now returned to his maker, May God have mercy on his soul.”