Stock Oman Muscat skyline
Oman ranked second among Arab countries in the Global Food Security Index (GFSI 2020). Image Credit: Shutterstock

Muscat: Oman ranked second in the Arab world in the World Food Security Index for the year 2020. The information was shared in the ninth edition of the report brought out by the British Economist magazine.

The report emphasized that the index highlights the importance of addressing the root causes of food insecurity through effective policies and establishing a stronger, more resilient and sustainable global food system.

The Sultanate ranked 34th in the world in the index, with 70.2 points, and came second in the Arab world, after Kuwait, while Qatar came third and Saudi Arabia fourth. Finland topped the overall global index, followed by Ireland, then Netherland, Austria and the Czech Republic.

Food security

The report stressed that the Covid-19 pandemic demonstrated why the study of the basic drivers of food security is crucial. The impact of any weakness in the food chain system, which may not have an acute effect in times of economic prosperity and peace, may reflect in gigantic proportion during turmoil times.

Political, social or economic turmoil, whether at national, or regional levels, impact and determine to an extent the food security index, the report mentions.