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Expatriates wait in line to be tested at a makeshift testing center in Mishref, Kuwait , in a file photo. Image Credit: Reuters

Dubai: More than 27,200 expat workers have left Kuwait’s local labour market in three months, according to recent statistics issued by the Central Administration of Statistics.

The statistics showed that the number of foreign workers in the market was 1,479,545 last December and it has dropped to 1,452,344 three months later, Al Qabas newspaper reported.

Despite the decrease in the number of expats, Egyptian community is still maintaining the top spot in the local labour market, followed by Indians, Bangladeshis in third place, then the Pakistanis, Filipinos, Syrians, Nepalese, Jordanians and Iranians. According to a report published by Al Anba newspaper last December, Kuwait has been ranked the worst destination for expats for the seventh time in eight years, coming in last place in the Expat Insider survey (59th out of 59 countries).

The Expat Insider survey said that Kuwait ranks last in the Quality of Life Index (59th), with especially poor results in the Leisure Options, Personal Happiness, and Travel and Transportation subcategories (59th for all).

Kuwait is also the worst expat destination worldwide in the Ease of Settling (59th), with 46 per cent of expats not feeling at home, while 45 per cent find it difficult to settle down in the country.