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Illustrative image. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A Kuwaiti university student found herself a victim of privacy infringement and blackmail by a phone shop worker in Kuwait.

The series of unfortunate events began when the student handed over her mobile phone for repairs to a technician employed at a local phone shop.

To her astonishment, the worker exploited this opportunity to access and withdraw private photos stored on her device without consent. The technician later used these photos to pressure the student, threatening to publish them unless she paid him a sum of money.

Initially, the victim succumbed to the demands of the blackmailer, handing over her student aid and other financial resources to prevent the release of her sensitive images. However, as the perpetrator persisted in making unreasonable demands, the student found herself with no choice but to approach the police and seek legal action against the man who violated her privacy.

Kuwaiti media reported that the technician, whose nationality is Egyptian, has since been sentenced to two years of imprisonment for his malicious actions. Following the completion of his sentence, he will be deported.