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Picture used for illustrative purposes Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: Kuwait’s Court of Appeal overturned a verdict issued earlier by a lower court, which disapproved declaring the death of a Kuwaiti man who had been missing for four years. The court confirmed his death and the consequences thereof, local media reported.

Lawyer Bader Munawar Al Mutairi said that all the clues shown in the case documents were corroborated by the testimonies of witnesses that were heard in the court. “As per the testimonies, the person had been missing for four years, and nothing is known about him except that he left the country to Turkey and then entered Syria,” he explained.

Investigations revealed that the missing person joined an armed group and hence the Interpol had issued an arrest warrant against him for joining jihadist groups.

The man, since he left Kuwait four years ago, never made any contact with his family despite intensive efforts and search attempts to find him, the court said in its ruling.

Lawyer Al Mutairi pointed out that the man is most likely dead in Syria’s conflict, and the ruling comes in pursuant to article 146 of the Personal Status Law.