Kuwait city. Image Credit: Yasmena Al Mulla/ Gulf News

Dubai: More than 8,000 driving licences of expats living in Kuwait have been withdrawn in the first half of this year for failing to meet the conditions set for granting them, local media reported.

It was also reported that the General Directorate of Traffic has blocked 50 driving licences for Kuwaiti citizens due to their visual or mental disabilities.

According to media reports, holders of the withdrawn driving licence failed to meet pre-set conditions such as salary, profession and university degree, which are a must to acquire. The licence is withdrawn automatically when the holders’ status changed such as having their salaries reduced or job titles changed.

According to Al Rai newspaper, the Ministry of Interior has instructed competent authorities to tighten the issuance of driving licences and limit it to those only who meet all the conditions to acquire a Kuwait driving licence.

The Traffic department said it has blocked the driving licence of expat students who have completed their studies as well as domestic workers who have been absconding from sponsors and working as home delivery boys.

Major General Jamal Al Sayegh, Undersecretary of the Traffic and operations department, is said to have instructed competent authorities not to be lenient in granting driving licence to expats and to ensure all the conditions are met as set by the ministry such as Job Title, Profession, Salary, University Degree, etc.

According to Al Rai, these steps have resulted in a 50 per cent reduction in the number of foreigners who receive driving licences in the current year.