One of the symbols seized from the shop. Image Credit: Kuwait’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry

Dubai: Kuwait’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) has ordered the closure of a shop in Salmiya for selling accessories bearing Jewish symbols, which is considered a violation of public order, Al Qabas newspaper reported.

The ministry said it has fined the owner and shut down the shop, adding that legal measures are currently being taken against the owner.

In Kuwait, there are about 20 Jews, most of them associated with the US naval base there. Earlier last year, Kuwait’s parliament passed a bill that could lead to imprisonment and hefty fines for anyone in the country who deals with Israel.

The bill restricts any form of contact with Israel, while both Kuwaiti nationals and expat residents, will be banned from visiting Israel. Additionally, any expressions of sympathy with Israel are outlawed.

Many Kuwaitis have already expressed a position in consistent with that of the government. Kuwait has long upheld a rigid pro-Palestine stance and has refused to establish relations with Israel.