Manama: Kuwaiti lawmakers have proposed mandatory drug tests for students, employees and military personnel in Kuwait.

The proposal has been submitted by Faisal Al Kindari, Khalid Abdullah, Saud Al Shuwair, Salah Khorsheed and Eisa Al Kindari, according to Kuwaiti daily Al Rai.

“All students in high schools, vocational institutes and universities must undergo the drug test at the end of the academic year,” they said.

“They should not be allowed to continue their studies or register for any courses without the certificate endorsed by a Ministry of Health laboratory.”

Students with high GPAs will be exempt from taking the test.

The lawmakers warned that drug usage in Kuwait could soon turn into an epidemic. There are currently 7,500 people being treated in rehabilitation centres, but lawmakers say they expect the number to increase ten-fold if the problem isn’t addressed.

“All citizens or residents applying for private or public sector jobs and those getting financial aid from the Ministry of Social Affairs should also undergo the test.

“Individuals found guilty of participating in riots or acts of vandalism during rallies must also be subjected to the test before they are referred to the public prosecution.”

They also recommended that drug tests be made available to parents who have suspicions that their children may be using drugs.