Kuwait has put in place several decisions that lift restrictions on people who are vaccinated. Image Credit: Yasmena Al Mulla

Kuwait City: As Kuwait put into effect the decision to only let vaccinated people into malls, restaurants, gyms and cafes on Sunday, the Kuwait Municipality stated any businesses found violating the rule will be fined 5,000 Kuwaiti dinars.

Inspectors have been positioned at the entry of all commercial entities to ensure that only people who have gotten one or both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine are allowed in.

To ensure things are running smoothly, security forces from the Ministry of Interior have been stationed at large shopping malls.

Those that are exempt from the decision are business owners and children under the eligible age. Pregnant women and people with chronic illnesses are allowed in provided they have the proper documentation from the Ministry of Health to prove it.

Mall goers will need to show the vaccine certificate, which is accessible by the Immune or Kuwait Mobile ID app.

Immune app

The Immune application states each person’s vaccine status and categorises them into three colours: red, yellow and green.

Those who have not yet received a single dose or have contracted COVID-19 within 10 days are categorised as red. The yellow vaccination status applies to people who have received one dose, those who got their second dose 14 days ago or less and those who got COVID-19 in the past 90 days. The green status indicates that the person has received their second dose more than 14 days ago.

Vaccination requirements

Kuwait has put in place several decisions that lift restrictions on people who are vaccinated.

Only those that have received one dose or both doses of the vaccine are allowed into the cinemas. Children are not exempt from the decision.

As for travel, starting August 1 only Kuwaitis that have received both doses will be allowed to leave outside of Kuwait. In terms of entering the country, expats will be able to travel to Kuwait starting August contingent on the fact that they received both doses and have a valid residency permit.