Kuwaitis and expats at the Amr Bin Al Aas street, famous for its various restaurants and juice shops. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Kuwait is experiencing a severe shortage of expat workers in various sectors, especially professionals and craftsmen. Demand is increasing in an unprecedented manner now, Al Jarida newspaper reported.

According to official statistics, tens of thousands of expat workers in the private and public sectors have left the country permanently or voluntarily since the beginning of the epidemic uo until now, in addition to those whose residencies expired while they were outside Kuwait, and they were unable to return.

For expat workers 60 and above who do not have university degrees, but were recently allowed to renew their residency in return for paying an annual fee of about 750 dinars (250 for the renewal of the work permit, and 500 for the insurance policy), the repercussions have been hard.

More than 7,000 workers of those above 60 have left Kuwait for good and this has directly affected the market, as evidenced by the constant complaints of citizens over the increasing delay in receiving their ‘dishdashas’ until after Eid Al Fitr, as hundreds of tailors 60 and above have left the country.