Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Causeway in Kuwait. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Cairo: Surveillance cameras at Kuwait’s iconic Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Causeway has returned to operate after having been out of action for around 10 months, a Kuwaiti newspaper has reported.

Around 800 cameras at the bridge are now working after a breakdown caused by electrical problems was fixed, Al Rai quoted security sources as saying.

“These cameras are important for monitoring the security scene, traffic movement and accidents, given that the bridge has become a crossing route foe many citizens and expatriates,” the sources added.

The breakdown deprived the state treasury of millions of dinars, the sources said, adding that revenues from infringements monitored on the bridge exceeded KD20 million last year.

Earlier this month, Al Rai reported that cameras installed at the bridge were out of work due to a breakdown in a power transformation substation that supplies the devices.

The cost of fixing the breakdown was at the time estimated at KD40, 000.

The Sheikh Jaber Causeway is one of the world’s longest bridges.