Manama: Kuwait’s government is employing 91,475 foreigners from 115 countries, official figures indicate.

The total number of employees in the public sector stands at 368,745, including 277,297 Kuwaitis who represent 75 per cent of the total number.

Egyptians top the list of the expatriates in the government sector with 41,730 employees, representing 45 per cent of the foreign force and 11 per cent of the total number of employees including Kuwaitis.

Indians follow with 23,148 employees, representing six per cent of the total government force and 25 per cent of the foreigners, Kuwaiti daily Al Qabas reported on Sunday.

According to the figures, women slightly outnumber the men with 51.5 per cent of the total workforce.

The edge has resulted from the fact that the number of Kuwait women employed by the government is 55.5 per cent compared with the number of men at 44.5 per cent.

Among the expatriate force, the number of women is 40.6 per cent compared with that of men.

The figures indicate that the foreigners outnumber Kuwaitis in the 30-60 age segment while Kuwaitis are more numerous in the 15-29 age category.

Slightly more than one quarter of the employees (25.89 per cent) are under the age of 30.while the number of those between 30 and 49 represent 62.95 per cent and those who are aged 60 make up 2.07 per cent of the total.

Only 0.04 per cent of the employees are aged between 15 and 19.

The figures show that 12.53 per cent do not have a high school diploma, 24.24 per cent are high school graduates and 47.79 per cent have at least a university degree.

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), made up of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, have 3,851 nationals employed by the Kuwaiti government.

Saudis top the list with 3,583, representing 91 per cent of the Gulf force. They are followed by Bahrainis with 122 nationals, 3.8 per cent, and Omanis with 119 or three per cent.

Kuwait’s government employs 18 UAE nationals and nine Qataris, the figures show.

According to Al Qabas, 18,000 Kuwaitis have applied for a public sector position and are still waiting to be recruited.



Top nationalities in Kuwait’s public sector:


Kuwait: 75%

Egypt: 11 %

India: 6%

Syria: 1.2%

Saudi Arabia: 0.9%

Philippines: 0.77%

Jordan: 0.76%

Bangladesh: 0.75%

Pakistan: 0.4%