The highway in Manama, Bahrain. Image Credit: Gulf News Archive

Cairo: A Bahraini appeals court has ordered a woman to share the price of an inherited distinct vehicle number plate with her nephews, a lawyer has said.

The claimants had gone to court, accusing their aunt of selling the three-digit plate unilaterally for BD100,000.

The Supreme Appeals Court upheld an earlier ruling issued by a lower court, ordering the Bahraini woman to pay BD 61,000 to her nephews, representing their legal shares of the inherited plate, their lawyer Islam Ghanem added.

The claimants were surprised when their aunt sold the plate after transferring its ownership to herself, using an “invalid” power of attorney from their now-deceased father, Ghanem said, according to Bahraini newspaper Akhbar Al Khaleej.

“My clients filed a lawsuit, requesting transfer of the plate number ownership be invalidated," he said.

The appeals court rejected a challenge from the woman against the earlier verdict and confirmed the lower court’s order for her to pay BD61,000 in damages.