Man stabs
Illustrative image. Image Credit: Creative Commons

Dubai: A 21-year-old tenant has been arrested in Bahrain for allegedly stabbing to death a landlord following a minor argument that turned violent over rent, local media reported.

The crime was only discovered when a potential tenant who was planning to rent an apartment from the landlord’s building stopped to have a look after the owner did not respond to his multiple calls.

“I was frozen with terror seeing him lying motionless in a pool of blood after going inside his flat. I contacted the police as soon as I regained control and reported the crime,” the potential tenant told police.

A forensic team was dispatched to the crime scene by authorities. According to police, the forensic team’s collection of several DNA samples and fingerprints from the crime site helped identify the culprit. Police used CCTV video as well to identify the culprit, whose DNA and fingerprints matched the evidence from the crime site.

The suspect, court files said, is an Asian national, whose name and other details are withheld. Investigators told the court that the suspect acted premeditatedly and came to the spot well before the victim and waited for him to arrive.

The suspect admitted to police during questioning that he went to the landlord’s residence and hid behind the door while waiting for him to come.

“As soon as he entered, I lunged at him and repeatedly stabbed him to death.” Police said that the culprit fled the scene shortly after committing the crime, leaving the victim to bleed to death. If proven guilty, the court could award him capital punishment. The High Criminal Court has started hearing the case.