181226 police sirens
For illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Pexels

Dubai: A man has been arrested in Bahrain for trying to kill his own son using an electric saw in the Northern Governorate after the latter was temporarily dismissed from school, local media reported.

The son is said to have been seriously injured and is now undergoing critical care in a hospital. Upon being arrested, the father admitted to committing the crime and that he got frustrated with the kid’s misbehaviour as he was consuming e-cigarettes.

Deputy Head of the Family and Child Prosecution said they reached the scene immediately after receiving a report and rushed the victim to a hospital.

A forensic investigation team also visited the crime scene and collected fingerprints and other evidence to determine what exactly happened. Police said they questioned the father and spoke with other witnesses.

Public Prosecution said the suspect had confessed to his crimes during interrogation. The condition of the victim is not known. Prosecutors remanded the suspect into custody for seven days pending further investigation.