Manama: Bahrain’s Major Criminal Court has convicted a mother of torturing her 15-month-child and handed down a one-year suspended sentence against her, Bahraini newspaper Al Balad reported on Tuesday.

The mother, in her twenties, was charged with causing burns to the baby by pouring hot water on her body. The father, who reported the case to authorities, accused the woman of physically abusing their baby.

While convicting the woman, the court said that it decided to suspend the sentence for three years after taking into consideration the situation of the convict’s three children, including the baby at the centre of the case.

“In view of the case and its circumstances and out of the court’s interest in the family’s reunion and care for the victim and her two young siblings, the sentence has been suspended,” the court added in an explanation to the verdict, according to the paper. “Jailing her will cause the family’s break-up.”

The court added that the pre-trial detention was an enough deterrent for the defendant to avoid such misconduct in the future.

The woman’s other two children are aged three years and five months respectively.