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An expat was stabbed in Dubai during a heated argument. Image Credit: Pixabay

Cairo: A Bahraini labour court has issued a verdict in favour of an Asian expatriate, ordering his employer to pay him nearly BD9,000 in compensation, a local media report said.

The employer, a commercial company, was found guilty of arbitrarily expelling the expatriate from his job after seven years of employment.

The court turned down a claim by the employer that the employee, a sales agent, had been sacked after he had embezzled money from the firm’s sales, Akhbar Al Khaleej reported.

Documents provided by the company to the court were found to be false, a lawyer said. ”My client had signed a labour contract with the company in 2013, but he was surprised to have been fired from work after seven years without getting his financial dues,” lawyer Fatma Bumaguid added.

Her client went to the Labour Court requesting his ex-employer to pay his financial entitlements. The company attributed his dismissal to his alleged embezzlement of nearly BD15,000 and provided related documents purportedly signed by the sacked employee, the lawyer said.

A forgery expert concluded that the documents were fake.

In explaining its ruling, the court said that the worker has the right to compensation for termination of the labour contract unless this termination has a legal reason. The onus lies on the employer to prove the legality of this termination, it added.