Police officers sing and dance on streets in Spain Image Credit: Twitter

A video of police officers singing and dancing in a neighbourhood in Spain has gone viral on social media.

Amid difficult times as the country deals with the coronavirus outbreak, several police officers in Majorca, Spain chose to light up the residents’ day with music.

In the video, two police cars are seen driving into a neighbourhood with their sirens on and stopped on a narrow street.

The police officers then get off their vehicles with their guitars and played music and sang along while the people cheered for them from their homes before the cops drove off.

The clip was shared extensively online and netizens appreciated the gesture.

Tweep @tonyashai wrote: “Police in #Spain go to neighbourhoods and sing to keep the spirits of people high who have been under lockdown for two weeks now. Bravo. #coronavirus”

Twitter user, @Raymond56761473, thought it was a “great” idea: “Great way of cheering people up in this hard time. Apart of normal police qualifications it looks like that in Spain you also need to be able to sing, play guitar and dance. Wishing everyone to stay healthy.”

After China and Italy, Spain has recorded the highest number of COVID-19 cases in the world. On Sunday, the country’s health ministry said that another 394 had died.

Spain is under complete lockdown as citizens of the country are self-isolating in their homes to contain the pandemic.

Despite the situation, viral videos have emerged from the virus-struck country.

Recently, a video of a person in a Tyrannosaurus Rex costume, wobbling around a city in Spain and getting caught by the police had gone viral online.