Dinosaur spotted in Spain
Dinosaur spotted on the streets of Spain amid lock down Image Credit: Twitter

Amid a lock down and national emergency, the last thing one expects to see is a man running around on the streets in a dinosaur costume but that is exactly what happened in Spain.

A video of a person in a Tyrannosaurus Rex costume, wobbling around the city and getting caught by the police has gone viral online.

The clip, which was tweeted by the police department, begins with a police vehicle slowly approaching the Tyrannosaurus rex as it waddles across a pedestrian crossing.

One of the officers then gets out of the car and briefly talks to the person inside the costume. Soon after, the dinosaur is seen walking away as the video ends.

In the background, the 90’s cult favourite film, Jurassic Park’s theme song plays.

The local police department shared the video on their Twitter page and used the opportunity to send out a message to the public in Spain.

They reminded residents that the country’s has imposed travel restrictions, which permit people to walk their pets, but walking around in a dinosaur suit is unacceptable.

Users replied to the police’s post with more videos of the same person walking in the costume, which includes a clip of him throwing trash in a bin.

Spain has been hit especially hard by the coronavirus. Following Italy’s lead last week, the country declared a national emergency and imposed a nation-wide lockdown, closing schools and most public places and asked residents not to leave their homes unless they were visiting the grocery, hospital or pharmacy.

The country, has reported over 14,000 cases of COVID-19 and over 630 deaths. Spain has had the second most number of cases and deaths in Europe, after Italy.