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Photo for illustrative purposes Image Credit: Pixabay

Warsaw:  A six-year-old boy in southern Poland has relayed how he caught a three-year-old who jumped from a window while his drunk relatives were asleep.

Footage on the TVN24 channel shows the boy, only identified as Maciek, smiling as he shows the window - some 3 meters (10 feet) above ground - that the toddler jumped from on Monday, in the town of Czechowice-Dziedzice.

Maciek and another boy were playing tag nearby when they saw little Kordian gearing up to jump.

Kordian, he said, "jumped and I caught him".

The police were called and found Kordian's mother and grandfather were sleeping after alcohol. The boy's aunt took care of him.

Local police spokeswoman Elwira Jurasz said on TVN24 Wednesday that Maciek will be awarded for saving the child from potential injuries.