Ashok Thamarakshan with his family, next to the plane built.
Ashok Thamarakshan with his family, next to the plane built. Image Credit: Facebook/Ashok Thamarakshan

Thiruvananthapuram: A UK-based mechanical engineer based of Indian origin made use of the COVID-induced lockdown to build an aircraft which he used to travel to different countries with his family.

Ashok Thamarakshan, is a mechanical engineer from the Alapuzha district of Kerala. He earned a pilot's license from a British civil aviation company earlier.

Ashok said, "It was in the time of lockdown when I got the idea of making an aircraft. I built a temporary workshop in my house in London. I started the work on the aircraft in May 2019 and completed it on November 21, 2021."

Trial flights

"For the license, there was three months trial flight. The first flight was on February 7, 2022 in London. It was for 20 minutes. Our family tour to Germany, France and Italy began on May 6," he added.

38-year-old Ashok is the son of Kerala politician and former MLA Prof AV Thamarakshan and Dr Sukrutha Latha. He lives in Billericay, Essex, UK.

Ashok thought of making the aircraft on his own due to the traffic block. Now, with the aircraft, he can travel 250 km in an hour without any traffic blocks.

'We flew across 4 countries'

"I always wanted to take my family on trips in aircraft. Hiring aircraft was too expensive an option. I built aircraft mostly during the lockdown. We flew across 4 countries, and the aircraft is capable of flying across the country," Thamarakshan said.

The plane with four seats, one on which he flew to various countries is made at an expenditure of 1,40,000 euros (Dh522,825).

He named his aircraft "G Diya" where G represents the icon of flights in London and 'Diya' is his younger daughter's name.

His wife Abhilasha is a native of Indore and working in the insurance sector in London. The family will return to London on July 30.