London: A woman in Britain was shocked after her dentist mistakenly pulled out the wrong tooth and replanted it by allegedly retrieving it from a medical waste bin.

The incident took place after Kim Green, a mother-of-three from Wellington, Somerset, called the ADP practice near her home with acute pain caused by a decayed and infected tooth.

Green claimed dentist Justin George took an X-ray of her mouth but did not check the images. He relied on her pointing to the throbbing tooth, the Daily Mail reported.

Green rang the surgery two hours later and was told her healthy tooth would be put back in.

She did not know that her healthy tooth had lain among bloodied tissues, saliva wipes and needles used on other patients.

Unable to bear the pain she agreed to whatever the dentist said. "He told me he could save the healthy tooth he had removed and that he performed operations like that all the time," she said.