Pakistani student meals
Pakistani student asks for home cooked meals online and gets an "overwhelming" response Image Credit: Twitter

A Pakistani student and her sister in the UK longed for the taste of home, just like many youngsters across the world who are stuck abroad due to the coronavirus pandemic. On May 15, a Twitter user made a post online asking to buy home cooked meals and South Asian women across London came to the rescue.

Tweep @almostmonday_ narrated the wholesome series of events online.

“I posted in a Pakistani ladies group that me and my sister wanted home cooked food and were willing to pay for it to be made and so many aunties replied saying ‘beta [child] we’ll make it for free for you guys’ I’m so overwhelmed,” she wrote in a post.

“Currently received six invitations for dawats [feasts] after the lockdown and two delivery drop off offers. I’m so overwhelmed,” she wrote in another tweet.

On the same day, the Twitter user also updated her followers that she and her sister are going to pick up biryani from an “aunty”.

The food and offers did not seem to stop there as the next day, she posted a picture of a number of dishes she received and wrote: “Wholesomeness x 10. We cycled 15 minutes to pick this up (being mindful of social distancing). Today, everything is alright in my world.”

Twitter users were quick to react to the wholesome gesture of those who helped the duo and for many, it was just the type of positive news they needed to hear during tough times as the world battles coronavirus.

Tweep @manalkhan07 wrote: “OK the world is not all bad today I can breathe.”