Turkey trend
New trend in turkey, penguin dance to boost patient's morale Image Credit: Twitter

Healthcare workers across the globe have notably gone above and beyond their call of duty during the coronavirus pandemic, to ensure the safety of their patients. So, every recovery is a reason for celebration. Last week, a group of healthcare workers couldn't hold back their joy and performed a 'Penguin Dance' to celebrate the discharge of a coronavirus patient in Turkey's northwestern Kırklareli. The video went viral on Twitter.

Reportedly, the aim of the dance is also to boost the morale of the patients as they leave after the strenouous quarantine period. And, other hospitals in Turkey also caught on to the trend.

Twitter users have admired the spirit of the healthcare staff.

@goreme1990: "Hospital staff in Kirklari celebrate a patient recovering from Coronavirus by performing the penguin dance. I love the way Turks have a dance for every occasion."

Twitter user @harynovianto shared a similar video of healthcare staff celebrating at a medical facility in Ontario, Canada.

Doctors around the world have had to face problems such as lack of protective equipment and harrassment from people outside who would treat them as if they were infected. In the past few weeks there were stories of how some doctors and nurses had chosen to stay away from family to ensure they keep working and not take the infection home to their own families.

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Tweep @allis0nr__ pointed out: "You know what, doctors and nurses are having to rent separate spaces from their family. they are tired, over worked and LOSING PAY AND THEIR JOBS. so please let them enjoy themselves in the only place where people get them, the only place where people aren’t scared of them."

Many have taken to Twitter to share pictures of tired doctors and nurses, saying that the world needs to collectively thank healthcare staff and first responders for the way they have dealt with the coronavirus pandemic.

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